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About Us
Internet Khabar – we are a name that you can totally rely upon to keep you abreast of all national and international happenings. We report from Kathmandu Chabahil-07 in Nepal but we bring you news not only from our very own region but from around the world as well. Be it entertainment, healthcare, sports, education, travel, beauty, fashion, business, finance, society, public opinion, interviews or just about any other news niche you can think of, you will definitely discover the latest happenings in the world and in Nepal especially, right here with us.
We believe in honesty and that is why we strive to deliver the truth to our audience. We believe that everybody has a right to know the truth and we get you facts and factual accounts from Nepal and also from around the world. Internet Khabar is dedicated to its audience and we will try our very best to bring you the latest and most interesting of happenings from around the world.
We won’t try and degrade other newspapers and news sites serving online by saying that they won’t provide you with the truth, but we will tell you that most don’t take integrity and commitment to the audience to bring them the truth seriously. For a lot of news sites it’s about getting the traffic but we are committed to bring you what you ought to know. Internet Khabar will never let you down and will perform all the basic functions of the mass media with ethics and morals combined together.
Stay abreast of all the latest happening in Nepal and in the international community. You will simply have to log on to on your computer, laptop or even your smart phone and the world will be on your fingertips. You won’t have to look here and there to get the type of news you want, we at Internet Khabar will have your news appetite completely covered and well satisfied.
We bring you the truth, even if it means risking our necks or facing dire consequences. Our commitment is to our audience and your trust is what we strive for.

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