Diverse hands linked in unity

Kathmandu, Nov 8: Unity among the government and all the parties outside is necessary for implementing the constitution, political leaders said.

At a greetings exchange programme cum interaction on ‘Difficult scenario after India imposed undeclared blockade’ held by National Online Journalists Association (NOJA) on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali on Sunday, leaders argued that implementation phase posed more challenges than the task of promulgating the constitution. They stressed the need for the government, parties and leaders to stand on a single platform for implementing the constitution.

CPN (UML) leader and lawmaker Rameshwor Phuyal said the Indian government’s undeclared blockade inflicted losses in economy as well as social and cultural aspects which surpassed that of the damages suffered during the massive earthquake.

“The blockade is not a new thing as there had been blockades in 1970 and 1989,” Phuyal said adding that Nepali people did not learn to become independent despite the blockades. “Now we must learn a lesson to focus on how we can become self-dependent with a sustainable solution,” he added.

Nepali Congress leader and lawmaker Jagadishwor Narsingh KC said the government must seek solution diplomatically for settling the problem of continuing agitation and blockade in Tarai-Madhes.

He added that Nepali Congress would now focus on implementing the newly promulgated constitution by playing a responsible role of an opposition rather than joining the government.

NOJA Chairman Mukunda Dhungana expressed concern towards the adversity faced by the Nepali people in the wake of the Indian government’s undeclared blockade, and appealed for solution. RSS

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